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Respite Care

Respite Care Respite care can be an essential part of an overall care package, providing the patient and carers alike [...]

Individual/Shared Tenancy Base Care

Individual/Shared Tenancy Base Care Our individual/shared tenancy base care service arrangement offers an environment that feels more like home than [...]


Palliative For anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness, there are many tough decisions to make during the final days, including [...]

Neuro-Rehabilitation Care Support

Neuro-Rehabilitation Care Support A brain injury or chronic neurological condition can have a profound effect on everyday life. Activities which [...]

Transition Care

Transition Care For those used to living independently, a period of hospitalization can come as a bit of a shock. [...]

Escort Care Services

Escort Care Services Providing support for people in their homes and the local community can make a real difference to [...]

Specialist 1 to 1 Behaviour Management

Specialist 1 to 1 Behaviour Management PCCS has a unique approach to supporting individuals with mental health conditions and learning [...]

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities PCCS offers a range of professional support services for those with a learning disability or enduring mental health [...]

Supported Living

Supported Living At PCCS, our supported living packages are one of the most popular types of service we deliver. We [...]

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care Also known as “care at home” domiciliary care offers individuals a way to get the support they need [...]