Respite Care

Respite care can be an essential part of an overall care package, providing the patient and carers alike with a welcome break. Here at PCCS, we can offer a home from home, with respite care services that go beyond the expected. 

We are passionate about treating all our service users as individuals and have a person-based approach. This means that even for temporary respite care, we create a personalised care plan to deliver the right kind of support each and every time. 

Whether it’s routine or emergency respite care that’s needed, we can help with a rapid bespoke plan delivered by a team of professionals. We have the facilities and the expertise to support a range of complex care needs in a setting which is relaxing and comfortable.

PCCS can also provide respite services in the individual’s own home. This can either cover for the absence of a regular carer due to ill health or provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a holiday or a rest. 

Our team of highly skilled carers is committed to delivering the best possible support, allowing the individual to enjoy their normal daily activities and receive any help they need. Respite care can help everyone to feel rested and rejuvenated when they return to their usual routine. 

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