Neuro-Rehabilitation Care Support

A brain injury or chronic neurological condition can have a profound effect on everyday life. Activities which were previously carried out with ease may seem impossible without support.

PCCS can help to provide a bespoke care plan for individuals who have suffered from a brain injury or diagnosed with a long-term neurological condition. Our highly trained staff are extremely skilled at delivering rehabilitation packages, as well as supporting individuals with daily activities.

We understand that it’s important to have consistency, rather than a barrage of strangers continuously arriving at the individual’s home. Our support service strategy is based upon expert carers who really get to know service users, helping to forge a genuine bond.

There are many different levels of care and support that may be required with neuro-rehabilitation, and here at PCCS, we can deliver whatever is needed. For some, that may mean round-the-clock support while for others it could just be assistance to enable independent living.

Our person-centred approach enables service users to enjoy as much independence as possible, allowing them to lead a fulfilling and rich life. We can also provide support with social groups, meeting friends and finding work, enriching the lives of all those who use our care services.

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