Specialist 1 to 1 Behaviour Management

PCCS has a unique approach to supporting individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities. We understand that finding the right setting for an individual with challenging behaviour isn’t always easy, especially when your options may be limited.

We have a dynamic Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) culture which delivers the best possible outcome, drawing on a range of strategies to minimise aggressive or challenging behaviour. This is managed by working hard to understand the individual and really get to the bottom of what’s driving their behaviour.

By taking this more holistic approach, the wellbeing of the individual often improves and it’s possible to achieve a more settled routine, with huge leaps in the quality of life.

PBS is designed to place as few restrictions as possible on the individual while simultaneously ensuring that they are safe, and their needs being met.

Here at PCCS, we support some of the most vulnerable people in our society and this requires a careful assessment of risk. Our person-centred approach supports individuals and their families, empowering them to self-manage their condition as much as possible within an environment that’s safe and nurturing.

Using early identification and intervention, distraction and positive support techniques, PCCS is able to deliver responsible, enriching and effective care packages to a wide range of individuals.

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