For anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness, there are many tough decisions to make during the final days, including where to stay. For those who want to remain at home, our sensitive and professional service can provide the support that’s needed. During this difficult time, it can be very reassuring to be in familiar surroundings and that’s where our domiciliary support services can help.

Our team of experienced caring professionals provides an unobtrusive, gentle and respectful service that helps individuals to stay as comfortable as possible during their end of life care. We offer physical and emotional support which is available for as long as required.

We can provide our palliative care services from any point, providing comfort, care and support to the individual and their loved ones. Proficient Community Care is experienced in working with multidisciplinary teams to deliver a personalised home-care plan that’s tailored to the specific needs.

The care services we provide don’t stop when the sun sets. We understand that night can often be the most difficult time, and it’s not unusual to feel frightened and isolated. Our night domiciliary care team provides bespoke support services round the clock so you never need to feel alone.

Whether it’s help with medication, moving position, toileting or just a hand to hold, PCCS will be there.

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