Transition Care

For those used to living independently, a period of hospitalization can come as a bit of a shock. If further support is necessary after leaving hospital, transition care can provide the solution.
PCCS can provide transition care, helping individuals leave the hospital and recuperate in their own home. Without this kind of support, hospital discharge may be impossible or a heavy burden placed on family and loved ones.
Our team of professionals can help to deliver the transition care required to get people back on their feet and living independently once again. Our bespoke people-centred care plan creates a personalized approach that offers all the help required.
The type of care required after leaving hospital might vary from physiotherapy and nursing support to help with mobilizing, personal care and social activities. PCCS can provide a variety of services, tailored to exactly what’s needed.
Our team of care professionals can provide all the help necessary for recovery, rehabilitation and where necessary, retraining.
Some individuals may be able to make a full return to previous activity levels, with support required during recovery. Others may need to relearn certain skills or adapt to using mobility aids.
Whatever support that’s needed, PCCS will be there every step of the way.

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